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Shop Fort Myers Florist for wholesale flowers in bulk! Call to inquire about our wide selection of bulk flowers! *We do not deliver wholesale items. Please note that orders for wholesale items online require a week's notice to fill. You can call the store at (239) 931-0506 to find out if we can accommodate your request*

Bulk Flowers
Fort Myers Florist

Fort Myers Florist now sells wholesale flowers in bulk! Whether you are designing arrangements for an event, making lots of bouquets, or just want to buy a lot of flowers at an inexpensive rate, explore the wholesale flowers at Fort Myers Florist. We carry bulk flowers such as roses, lilies, hydrangea, baby's breath, and more - all purchased straight from growers. Call the flower shop to ask about specific availability of flower types! Our family-owned florist is staffed with the best, compassionate, knowledgeable staff to help you through the shopping process. Though unavailable for delivery, we carry many flower varieties at our convenient location in Fort Myers. Come visit Fort Myers Florist today!